(formerly Good Beginnings)
children and family programs
HIPPY program: Home
Interaction Program for Parents
and Youngsters, home-based
early learning and parenting
program for families with
children aged 4 and 5,
Mondays-Fridays, 9am-5pm,
Gagebrook Primary School and
Brighton Community Health
Centre (terrapin, rear of main
building); St Paul’s Play2Learn:
supported playgroup for all
families in the community with
children aged up to 5, Mondays
(school terms) 9-11am at St
Paul’s Catholic Primary School.
Play2Learn: supervised
playgroups for families with
children aged up to 5, and who
do not live with their child,
Mondays, 12.45-3pm, at tagari
lia behind Civic Centre, Green
Point Rd. For more information
phone Simone Johns 6166 1384
or 0417 316 987