NILS is the No Interest Loan Scheme. We help low income Tasmanians get safe, fair and affordable loans.

• No interest

• No Fees

• No Credit Checks



Lend you $300 to $1,500 to buy new items and services, including:

Household Essentials

like fridges, washers, furniture

Education Essentials

like computers, school trips and text books

Medical and Dental Essentials

like mobility equipment, dentures and treatment costs

Car Care Essentials

like registration, tyres and repairs

Family Violence Support

including removal costs and security equipment

NILS will do multiple items on one quote, for example:

• Car registration and tyres

• Washing machine and dryer

• Bundle big baby items i.e. cot and change table



To qualify you must:

• Have a current healthcare card, pension card, DVA card or low-income health care card.

• Have been at your current address for more than 3 months.

• Be able to repay a NILS loan.


You can register online at https://nilstasmania.org.au/loanapp/qualify.php

Or call NILS on 1300 301 650 for an information pack.