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Community Circuit Saturday with Sarah

All ages welcome.  Meet at the outdoor excercise equipment.  Bring a friend, drink bottle and hat.  Enjoy at your own pace.  Instructor is Sarah Cockerill mobile phone number is 0417 570 108.

Pre-Kinder Gym Tots at Hobart Gymnastics Academy

Pre-Kinder Gym Tots at Hobart Gymnastics Academy, Walkers – 5 years 9.30am – 10.15am & 10.30am – 11.15am Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Friday. We offer a secure fun gym with heat pumps for chilly winter mornings and air conditioners for … Continue reading

Brighton Community News

Association wants your help on World War 1 photos

THE Brighton Heritage Association is commemorating the centenary of World War I  (WWI) with a new WWI display in its museum.  The display will include a number of photos of un-named men in WWI unifo

Toll on track with multi-million Transport Hub development

AUSTRALIA’S largest mover of freight, Toll Group, is on track with the construction of its multi-million dollar custom-designed warehouse and facilities in the Brighton Transport Hub. The developmen

Brighton works with Government to benefit region

By TONY FOSTER MAYOR THE election has been run and won and Tasmanians have elected a new Government to administer the affairs of our State for the next four years. Brighton Council’s priority has al

Home care an important good beginning

GOOD Beginnings Play2Learn participants recently learnt the importance of risks in the home and how to deal with an emergency. First Aid Heath and Safety trainer, Chris Murray from Red Cross gave pare

Brighton High school a priority for the community

BRIGHTON Mayor Tony Foster has called on the new State Government to immediately begin planning the development of a new high school in Brighton. Mayor Foster said Brighton and the surrounding area wa