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Tassie Flying Paws Dog Club

Tassie FLying Paws Dog Club is based in the Brighton area. We welcome anyone who wants to have fun with their dog and is keen to participate. The activities we run include Flyball – a dog team sport involving a … Continue reading

Music, fun & food…

Are you aged 12 or over? If yes, then Youth Off The Street offer you their FREE Outreach Program. Contact Youth Off The Streets to find out where they will be and when.

The Value of Play

Play is essential for all areas of child development.  Play is not only fun, it is also an opportunity for babies and young children to learn and to explore the world around them. We invite parents to come along for this interactive session on the … Continue reading

Hobart Gymnastics Shining Gymstarz Recreational Gymnastics Program

Shining Gymstarz Recreational Gymnastics Program Hobart Gymnastics Academy Gymstarz program operates on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4:00pm – 5:00pm, and on a Saturday morning from 9:00am – 10:00am.   Mini-Gymstarz (age 4) The Mini-Gymstarz program is … Continue reading

Brighton Community News Brighton Community News

Spike in overnight burglaries of cars in Bridgewater

By GEORGE CRETU* SINCE the beginning of July a number of break-ins to cars parked in driveways has occurred in Bridgewater.  These have mainly occurred in the area surrounded by Eddington Street, Gre

Child and family centre celebrates birthday

By MARGIE NOLAN* IT was our sixth birthday on early in July and we had plenty of fun celebrating. Children were welcomed by our Aboriginal community, and we sang and danced together.  Michelle from M

Beating family mealtime blues

By ALISON WARD* ARE you finding mealtimes a struggle, spending more time worrying about what the kids eat than eating your own meal? Here are some tips to reduce the mealtime blues and put a bit of jo

Club season kicks off for all teams

  By SCOTT ARNOLD* THE Brighton District Cricket Club’s 2018-19 season finally kicks off with our Southern Cricket Association, men’s senior side, Cricket Tasmania’s Premier Lea

Old Beach looks forward to a strong season

  By PHIL OWEN* OLD Beach Cricket Club is looking forward to a successful 2018-19 season. This year’s committee is headed by chairman, Ross Wooldridge, assisted by treasurer Wendy Little,